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Quality Components Delivered on Time

The Plastics and Engineering Company Ltd is a registered company specializing in the precision machining of all plastics and only plastics, including glass and carbon fibre filled such as:
ABS, Acrylic, Acetal, Delrin, Nylon, PEEK, CA30, POM, Polypropylene, Plexiglass, Polycarbonate, Perspex, Tufnol, Polythene, Polyethylene, Polysulphone, Polyester, PET, PETP, PPS, GFPPS, PTFE, GFPTFE, PVDF, PVC, PEI, Ultem.
We make all sorts of widgets including:
Flowcells, Vacuum Gauges, Special Purpose Electronic Connectors, Insulating Panels, Pump parts for corrosive liquids, Prototypes, Fuel Tanks, Water Tanks, PTFE Baskets for Acid Etching Equipment, Medical Components, Parts for Radar Equipment, Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Acid Bath Heat Exchangers, Parts for F1 Racing Cars, Guards, Display Cases.

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