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The Plastics and Engineering Company Ltd. was started by talented individuals with a passion for engineering and creativity, because we exceeded our clients needs with the quality of products produced that propelled the company forward and now it competes with much larger companies. Each member brings something unique to the table, but we share a commitment to providing high-quality products.

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The Plastics And Engineering Company Ltd

Having identified a market opportunity, the company "The Plastics and Engineering Company Ltd" with hard work and determination now has become a well-known specialist in finding solutions to engineering problems especially in the field of 'Plastics'. our customers are based all over the world and we manufacture a wide range of different components.

The Plastics and Engineering Company is a sub contract precision engineering company specialising in machining and fabricating 'plastic' materials creating bespoke components for all uses.

Customers ideas are turned into finished products using engineering processes such as Milling, Turning and Welding. with R&D and high spec CAD CAM facilities, we also liked to help individuals with good ideas turn their dreams into realities. 

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